John G. Phillips (he/him)

Principal Investigator - jphillips1[at]valdosta[dot]edu

Ph.D. - University of Tulsa, 2017

B.S. - Central Michigan University, 2012

Dr. Phillips is a genomic naturalist and an Assistant Professor at Valdosta State University. His research interests include various aspects of molecular ecology and genomic evolution. He loves observing his study organisms in their native habitat and is fortunate to have conducted research in a variety of theaters from the caves of the Ozarks to the fjords of Iceland, to the famed Galápagos Islands where he searches for the elusive snails. ORCID: 0000-0003-3974-4309

The Phillips lab is always looking for students interested in doing a Master's degree at Valdosta State! 

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Graduate Researchers

Ali Ashraf

Master's Student 2023–present

B.A. - Reed College, 2022

Ali Ashraf is a Master's student in the Phillips Lab. Originally from Fremont, California in the southeast San Francisco Bay Area, he earned his undergraduate degree in Portland, Oregon at Reed College where he wrote a senior thesis studying asexual reproduction in Columbian monkshood (Aconitum columbianum). Here at VSU, he is studying phylogeography in herpetofauna of the southeastern US. When not on campus he spends his time designing rockets in Kerbal Space Program, photographing the local wildlife and posting pictures to iNaturalist, and enjoying the warm Georgia weather.






Prospective Undergraduate Researcher(s)

Lots of space for lots of you here!!! (we have several, they just haven't sent me pictures yet!)

*Caution is always encouraged if one is to pick up a snapping turtle...

The Phillips lab wants YOU! If you are a Valdosta student in the Biology Department (or someone with biological interests!), email Dr. Phillips or stop by his office (BSC 2210)! (or lab, BSC2078)

Lab Alumni