Phillips Lab of Biodiversity Genomics


Scroll down to see some of the recent highlights from the Phillips Lab!

Undergraduate Research Conference at Valdosta State University! April 10–14, 2023 Click here for program!

Alysa presents some of her work on acoustic behavior in Pig Frogs (Lithobates grylio)

Emily presents some of her work on acoustic behavior in Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer)

Lauren presents her work about using phylogenies to understead patterns of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus in fishes

(Most of) The frog team poses in front of their posters (L to R: Winston, Jewell, Dr. Phillips, Emily, and Alysa) 

The Phillips Lab arrived at Valdosta State University in August 2022!

Dr. Phillips came to VSU as an Assistant Professor of Population Genetics. This comes following Postdoctoral appointments at the University of Idaho and Michigan State University, a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the University of Tulsa, and a B.S. with majors in Biology, History, and Environmental Studies at Central Michigan University (Fire up Chips!)